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When you maintain focus on the present – on your present mental state and actions, you are less distracted by external circumstances and you become more conscious of your attitude.  By focussing on the present, you are in a better position to choose the most effective attitude pertinent to the moment that will benefit you the most.  If you focus your attention on past events, or who may be to blame, you are much less likely to have a positive, constructive and successful attitude.  You may be able to look back in your own life and relate to that, right?  When faced with high pressure situations, if you focus on the present, you become aware of your breathing (that you can regulate to calm yourself down if necessary) and choose the most successful attitude for the situation at hand – remember, that sometimes the most successful attitude is a neutral one. 


Top athletes are trained to relax their body, focus their mind and channel their energy.  This technique reduces the risk of “choking” in high pressure situations.  This is also a great sales objection management technique that I have trained many sales people on over the last 15 years.  When a customer objects, relax your body physically – if you’re not face to face with your customer, this is usually easy – you can literally ease back into your chair and relax your body so that you can focus your mind on giving the best response and continue selling.


You can’t change the past.  If you choose to dwell on it, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to maintain focus on the present, on what you can control, and ultimately, the quality of your attitude.   Of course there are times when we all feel a bit sorry for ourselves and indulge in a little bit of dwelling on the past.  This is normal and I actually encourage you to do this – occasionally!  What matters is what you choose to do next.  One of the most important points I want to get across in this article is to demonstrate the importance of choosing your attitude.  No-one else can choose it for you, but if you learn to make the conscious choice of when to have a successful attitude (in the important and influential areas of your life), I know that you will enjoy greater overall success in life.  Now, this is much easier said than done.  This article serves merely as a guide and hopefully, some inspiration. 


To make a mistake is fine and normal; it’s what comes next that counts.  The mistake is the past.  It’s gone.  Right here and now is the present and the actions you take in the present will determine your future.  Let’s take a typical sales day when you’ve out of bed on the wrong side.  Your first sales pitch of the day is not your best because you are lamenting on the the silly argument you had with your partner about who did or didn’t do the dishes.  As a result, because your mind was elsewhere, your sales presentation was sub-par.  It lacked quality and substance – and your customer called you out on it too!  Feeling deflated from your inferior sales pitch, subconsciously, your next sales pitch with customer number 2 is equally as bad because you’re over-compensating for your previous poor pitch, therefore dragging your past into your present and not giving customer number 2 your full attention and focus on their needs.  This can have a compounding negative effect on your entire day and if you’re in sales and commission based, I don’t have to tell you that writing off a whole day may have a financial impact on your next commission pay packet. 


One of the main training techniques of elite athletes, is not physical, it’s mental.  When a sprinter is poised at the starting blocks and they know they only have 20 seconds to make history, you can bet your bottom dollar, they’re not thinking about who did or didn’t do the dishes this morning.  


Carl Lewis (track and field gold medallist) says of focus, “My thoughts before a big race are usually pretty simple. I tell myself: Get out of the blocks, run your race, stay relaxed…channel your energy.”


No matter what profession you’re in today, you can take 3 lessons from this article:

 1) Mistakes are fine; it’s what comes next that counts.  Leave mistakes in the past, so you live and learn in the present.

 2) Dragging past issues into the present could be to your financial detriment, if you’re in sales. 

 3) Be inspired by Carl, stay relaxed, channel your energy and focus on the job at hand.  Focus on nothing but running your next race NOW. 


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